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Stunning Electric-Blue Flames Erupt From Volcanoes - Olivier Grunewald.

Sulfur combusts on contact with air to create stunning blue lava-like rivers of light in the Kawah Ijen crater on the island of Java.Kawah Ijen is one of several volcanoes situated in a 20 km radius in East Java, Indonesia. The caldera of Kawah Ijen harbors a kilometer-wide, turquoise colored, acidic crater lake that leaks sulphurous gases. At night the hot gases burn to emit an eerie blue glow that is unique to Kawah Ijen. The gases emerge from the cracks in the volcano at high pressure and temperature, up to 600°C, and when they come in contact with the air, they ignite, sending flames up to 16 feet high. Some of the gases condense into liquid sulfur, and continues to burn as it flows down the slopes giving the feeling of blue lava flowing.

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MRI Scans Of Fruits And Veggies Are Astounding And Mildly Frightening

MRI technologist Andy Ellison spends his days scanning human brains, searching for abnormalities. He began scanning fruit on a whim, using an orange in a test of the machine’s settings; the results were so stunningly beautiful and transfixing that he began bringing produce to work, scanning our favorite fruits and veggies on his time off, and posting animated sequences of cross-section images onto his blog, Inside Insides.

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this was my first entry into the world of comics. this was published in an anthology book produced by the story artists at walt disney animation studios. the book is called where is dead zero and each artist had to tell a different 8 page story using that same title.  my story centers around a crypto-entomologist  named molly mcguinness who travels to the new world in order to return a lost butterfly to it’s native habitat. it was a lot of work but very fun to do. i penciled each panel out on paper and then inked and colored it digitally.

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